Tidal Mask blue & aqua frame with clear and white skirts

NEW Tidal Masks

With Advanced Anti-Fog Technology


Trouble deciding between a Clear Skirt and Black/White Skirt mask?

The best scuba or snorkel mask skirt design for you will depend on a variety of factors, including application, environment, and personal preference. So, let’s determine whether a clear skirt or a black skirt is best for you so we can get you into the water!

All Tidal Masks come with...

Tidal Mask with aqua frame and clear skirt, view from behind.png


"I have two Tidal anti-fog dive masks and was completely skeptical after 30 years of diving. It works great from the first use. I'm surprised that everyone isn't using these masks. And, as an aside, the masks are quite comfortable, similar to Atomic masks.

Great value, great product."

- Steven Dingeldein

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Don't settle for a foggy mask!

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