How it all started

ProShot was founded in 2015 by four active friends who wanted their phones to live the same lifestyle they do. Whether they were under the water or on it, at the top of a mountain or speeding down one, they knew they were missing out on the chance to capture and share some of life’s most thrilling moments. They also knew how absurd it was to buy an action camera when one of the most powerful cameras in the world happened to be in their pockets- and they knew other outdoor enthusiasts felt the same way.

So ProShot was born, out of frustration and passion, with two simple goals: give your phone the same freedom you have, and make sure you always get that perfect shot…no matter where life takes you.
Because ProShot was made by people like you- hikers, snowboarders, backpackers, and scuba divers who wanted nothing more than to relive their experiences- you can rest assured that using a ProShot is as easy as taking a picture on your phone.
The best moments in life are simple pleasures, so why shouldn’t the best way to cherish those moments be simple too?