ProShot Protection Guarantee

LASO Technologies, LLC has spent the past two years perfecting the quality and design of the ProShotCase. We are extremely proud of the products we sell and strive to provide the best customer experience possible. We are confident in the quality of our products and offer a 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty for any defective parts.

In the unlikely event of a defect that causes the case to leak, LASO Technologies will GUARANTEE THE REPLACEMENT OF YOUR iPHONE for any water damage that occurs while using any ProShot product still under warranty in the manner specified below.

LASO Technologies requires the defective case to be shipped back to our headquarters for inspection by our engineers. The case in question will undergo a rigorous testing procedure and if it is determined to be defective we will immediately issue full compensation for the replacement of the iPhone and ProShotCase.

To file a claim, please email with your order number and brief explanation of the situation regarding your ProShotCase.

Warranty Claim Requirements

1) Using the ProShot for iPhone 6/6s PLUS and iPhone 7 PLUS at depths of less than 50 feet / 15 meters.

2) Using the ProShot for iPhone 6/6s/7 at depths of less than 100 feet / 30 meters while using the Deep Dive Lid. The Deep Dive Lid is the hard lid that comes attached to the ProShot.

Warning: ProShot Protection Guarantee does NOT cover any damage resulting from use of the Touch Screen Lid for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 7. Please use the Deep Dive Lid which is included in the package for all underwater use.

Warning: ProShot Protection Guarantee only covers damage resulting from a manufacturing defect. Any drops, falls, crashes or misuse that compromise the waterproof capabilities of the ProShotCase are not considered defects and will not be covered under the ProShot Protection Guarantee.