Screen Protector Warning

The ProShot Touch cases were designed to fit the specifications of the iPhone as closely as possible. Unfortunately the added thickness of a screen protector will impede the functionality of the ProShotCase.

When using a screen protector:

  • It will be challenging to remove your iPhone from the ProShot. You will need to use the blue pick included with you package to wedge between the home button and the touch film. This will allow you to pull your iPhone out of the case withe ease. See the ProShot Touch instructions link below for more details.
  • Home button recognition is more difficult.
  • Touch screen sensitivity will be slightly decreased
  • ProShotCase will remain fully waterproof to 50 feet and shockproof to 20 feet

The ProShotCase can still be used with a screen protector and we wanted to provide this warning to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Please email us at with any questions!