ProShot Touch for iPhone 11 PRO With Floating Hand Grip (Pre-Order)


ProShot Touch for iPhone 11 Pro (Pre-Order):
-Floating Hand Grip (24.99 MSRP)
-Custom ProShot Travel Case
-High Quality Flat Lens
-Touch Screen Compatibility while above water
-Waterproof Down to 50 ft!
-ProShot Lanyard
-Free ProShotCase Camera App

Ships April 9th!

This is NOT for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Ships April 9th!

FREE Shipping to the USA (3-6 Days)
Australia Shipping $9.99 (4-12 Days)
Canada Shipping $14.99 (7-12 Days)
International Shipping $19.99 (7-14 Days)
Express Shipping USA $29.99 (1-2 Days)

All Prices in USD

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Product Description

ProShot is an ultra waterproof, durable, and shockproof housing for the iPhone that gives you the freedom to take your phone anywhere and capture any moment. ProShot can be easily mounted on almost any surface and is compatible with all GoPro® mounts.

Multi‑Touch HD Display allows you to see what you are filming at all times.

Instantly save, edit, and share your pictures and videos right from your phone.

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Must be in original packaging and customer responsible for return shipping*

*International buyers are responsible for clearing their local customs and paying local customs duties*

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