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How to Secure your iPhone and Safely Lock it in the ProShot Dive

Properly and safely securing your iPhone in the ProShotCase ensures that no issues or leaks occur when using your case underwater. Please make sure that you follow these steps to ensure your iPhone is protected and covered within our iPhone Protection Guarantee

Step 1 Sliding Insert Instructions: The sliding insert has a spring-loaded clamp where the iPhone will attach.
You will need to remove the sliding insert from the outer case, and then insert your iPhone into the clamp on the sliding insert.

*Note: If you have a smaller iPhone, there is one extra step when inserting your phone into the sliding insert clamp. Please refer to the videos below to correctly attach your iPhone to the Sliding Insert.


Step 2.  Align your iPhone's (+) and (-) volume buttons to the volume buttons on the sliding insert before inserting your iPhone into the clamp. 

Both of the iPhone's volume buttons MUST line up accurately with the volume buttons on the sliding insert.


For iPhone: 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, 13,  12 Pro Max, 12 Pro, 12, 11 Pro Max,  11 Pro, 11, XR, XS Max, XS, X, and 8/7/6 PLUS

For iPhone: 13 Mini, 12 Mini, SE 2022, SE 2020, and 8/7/6s/6


Step 3.  *Necessary* - open the ProShotCase App on your phone BEFORE inserting your phone into the outer case! 

>You cannot interact with your touchscreen once you insert your phone into the case. Our ProShotCase App (required for all underwater photography) interacts with your iPhone's volume buttons making it essential they connect. You will be controlling your phone's camera 100% with your volume buttons. 

> Click here for ProShotCase App Tips

Step 4. Secure the end cap to the outer case body. Please see the video below for how to lock the end cap to the case.

Step 5Double check that the end cap is secured and properly attached to the outer case body. Click both your volume buttons to make sure they're aligned and interacting with your iPhone.

Once all is properly secured, you're ready to go film your awesome underwater adventures!

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After Care for your ProShot Dive Case

Here are a few care tips that we recommend following after each use to keep your ProShot Dive Case in great condition so your underwater footage is the best quality. 


  •  Rinse your ProShot Dive Case with fresh water after every use and let it air dry. This will remove any salt residue on your lens area and will keep your seals and gaskets clean from sand so they remain intact and watertight. 

  • If needed, rub toothpaste on the exterior lens area to clean your lens on your ProShotCase.

  • Always store your ProShot Dive Case in the Travel Case with the camera lens side facing up to prevent any scratches to the camera viewing window.
    *Please refer to the photo below for how to store the ProShot Dive Case correctly.


PDU in travel case open 2.jpeg


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