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Mission 2: Shark Conservation

with Saving The Blue

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-Project 1-


Silky Sharks

2 Tagged Sharks

Saving The Blue

In October 2022, we worked with Saving The Blue to support Shark conservation. We were able to tag 2 Silky Female Sharks as a result of the support and contributions of our customers!

In order to study and conserve Silky Sharks, a new Acoustic Receiver (a listening station) has been deployed in The Bahamas on November 2022.

Over the next eight months, the Listening Station, which is 80 feet below the surface of the sea, will stay in place and collect data on any tagged sharks that pass by.
When we learn more in the upcoming months, we'll give you another update on this interesting and significant endeavor.

Saving the Blue aims to recover and restore a variety of threatened marine species, while connecting people to ocean wildlife. 


Saving the Blue was founded in 2015 as a commitment to ocean conservation and education. They aim to promote green, sustainable living, through education and outreach, both in person and online. With the mission to inspire those around them to step up and take action to conserve marine ecosystems.

Conducting their research in Andros (The Bahamas), Jupiter Florida (US), and the Florida Keys (US)

Acoustic Receiver

Acoustic Receiver

by ProShot deployed by Saving the Blue

Saving the Blue Team

Saving the Blue Team

Adding a tag to a Shark. Taken by @gabbylozada_

Female Silky Shark

Female Silky Shark

Our first tagged Silky Shark by Saving the Blue

 Tracking Devices

They track sharks and marine species using a combination of satellite and acoustic electronic devices. Satellite tags (SPOT or PSAT,