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The Ultimate
Underwater iPhone Housing

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Advanced Anti-Fog Mask & Snorkeling Gear

Advanced Anti-Fog Tidal Mask

This mask comes with the most advanced anti-fog technology available. The inside lens has a replaceable anti-fog thin film that protects against fogging for years!

Female Swimmer


"Living on Oahu provides me with the best snorkeling opportunities. I am very happy to own a new Tidal Sports Mask as it is superior to any of the masks I’ve had in the past. This mask makes my snorkeling more enjoyable for a number of reasons..."

— Cliff K

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"This is by far the best iPhone case. If you want to use your iPhone as you would do with a GoPro this case is the perfect choice for you. One of the great perks of this case is that it is extremely easy to put your iPhone in and out of the case. I strongly recommend this product."

— Cedric



iPhone Protection Guaranteed.

Putting your iPhone underwater is scary. Don't worry, we've got you covered. ProShot is the only company that guarantees the protection of your iPhone against water damage. 

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Compatible With All GoPro® Mounts

Strap your iPhone to your chest, kayak, or puppy! The ProShotCase is compatible with all GoPro mounts. All cases come standard with a floating hang grip and travel case.

ProShotCase with iPhone inside mounted on an extendable pole mount taking picture of New Zealand lake and mountains landscape
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