Tidal Mask with Advanced Anti-Fog Technology

Have you ever been diving or snorkeling and could not keep your mask clear of fog?

This is the #1 reason why people have a poor experience underwater.  


We created the Tidal Mask to solve this problem. Our fog-free Tidal Mask allows you to enjoy the stunningly beautiful underwater world with no frustrating mask issues.

Try our anti-fog Tidal Mask and you'll never want to use any other mask!

How to Change Anti-Fog Film

Watch our Anti-Fog films in action! 

In this video, our proprietary anti-fog film is adhered to the right lens, and the left lens is untreated tempered glass. We then use a ​steamer to simulate fog on the lens; the steamer produces far more fog and condensation than we do while snorkeling or diving. The difference in lenses is unbelievable!

The Tidal Mask comes with an advanced anti-fog film that is adhered to the inside lenses. This magic film eliminates fogging by preventing small water droplets from forming on the lens. Fog is really just lots of tiny water drops that bend light and make it much more challenging to see. 

The Tidal Mask is designed to be comfortable and fit all face shapes and sizes. With its high-quality silicone skirt and two way adjustable straps, you can wear the Tidal Mask for hours with no leaks or pressure points.

Try it now and if you're unsatisfied for any reason we offer free returns for USA customers. 

More Key Features


Two window low-volume

design with two way adjustable straps.

Tidal Close up.jpg

Shatterproof Tidal tempered glass with a reflective lens option.

Mask Black Side.jpg

Comfortable fit with no pressure points or leaks. Fits 90% of faces.


Easily replaceable anti-fog technology that you can replace yourself!

With our anti-fog films, the Tidal Mask will not fog at all for the first few months and will perform much better than standard glass for months to years. For best results, please read our care instructions below. 

We also offer replacement anti-fog films so if you want to get your mask working like new again there are a few simple steps to change the film. Learn more about how to change your anti-fog films below.

How To Replace the Tidal Mask Anti-Fog Films


Step 1:

First, peel off the old anti-fog film that is adhered to the inside lens. You may need to use your fingernail to get under the film. Lift it upwards and peel it off the lens.


Step 2:

Next, thoroughly clean the lens. You can use any standard glass cleaner or soap and water. Use a soft cloth (clean t-shirt works great) to dry and make sure there are no dust particles on the lens. Do not use paper towels or tissue paper as these can leave dust particles behind.

Step 3:

Prepare the new anti-fog film. Make sure to use the correct film for the correct lens. They are labeled left and right as if you are looking through the mask. The green tabs will be positioned on the top inside the lens (the bridge of the nose!)

Step 4:

Peel the new film off of the base layer. Make sure NOT to pull the green tab as this is a protective covering that will not be removed until the end. Tip: Try not to touch the adhesive side of the film if possible.

Step 5:

Carefully align the new film on the lens. Make sure there is a little space around the entire perimeter of the film before you let go! Once the film is in the proper position let go and it will adhere to the lens. 

Step 6:

Use a cloth to massage out any air bubbles. If the lens was fully cleaned you should be able to easily remove any bubbles after the application. 


Step 7:

Once you are ready to use your mask in the water, make sure to pull the green tab to remove the protective layer. Enjoy your fog-free Tidal Mask for months!


Tidal Mask Care Instructions


1: To Clean

Rinse the entire mask with fresh water after every use and let air dry. For best results, use dish soap every few cleans to remove any excess salt and oil from the lenses. If necessary, gently rub your finger on the inside lens with soapy water. *Keeping your mask clean is the key to keeping the anti-fog properties working properly!*


2: What Not To Do

Do NOT scrub, burn, scratch, or aggressively wipe the inside lens of your mask. You may gently rub the inside lens with soapy water to remove any stubborn salt or oil that is not removed by rinsing. 

3: Storage

Keep your mask stored inside the protective case when not in use. If you are storing for long periods of time make sure the mask is completely dry as excessive moisture can cause the film to degrade faster. 

Tidal Mask Warranty

1: Warranty

All Tidal Sports products come with a two-year manufacturer warranty. We will repair or replace any product or product parts due to manufacturing defects. The manufacturer warranty cover products sold on,, and authorized third-party retail partners.


2: Returns

We offer 100% free returns for masks that do not fit properly. The Tidal Mask fits over 90% of face shapes and sizes. We guarantee that the mask will not leak or cause any pressure points on your face. If you do have any issues returns are free and we provide a pre-paid return shipping label. To contact our customer service please email